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Student LPI Comparison & Cost Chart

Use this chart to compare the costs and benefits of the Student Leadership Practices Inventory online and print versions.

Student LPI
Self Online

Student LPI
360 Online

Student LPI

Student LPI
Scoring Software

Price before discount (see below for standard discount schedule)

$10.00 USD

$25.00 USD

$6 USD Self,
$4 USD Observer

$35.00 USD

Includes 30 behavior statements using a 5-point Likert scale








Self-administered by student

Requires administration by a facilitator

Distributed, taken, and scored by hand

Administrator manually inputs scores from paper inventories


Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X, and Linux, with support for Firefox 3.0 and IE 6.0 and above

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X, and Linux, with support for Firefox 3.0 and IE 6.0 and above


Microsoft® Windows 95 through Windows 8 for PC only

Includes single Self Assessment


Includes Observer Assessment(s)


Pay per Observer


Includes PDF of Student LPI module from the Facilitation and Activity Guide

Includes PDF of Student LPI module from the Student Workbook and Personal Leadership Journal




Can be used with Student LPI Scoring software


Report type available

Self only, up to 5 administrations can be saved at a time

Individual, Reassessment, Group


Individual, Reassessment, Group

Report formats available

PDF only

PDF, CSV, SLPI scoring software compatible


Can be printed or saved as PDF, or exported as ASCII file for importation into Word®, PowerPoint®, or Excel®

Choice of which report pages to print


Customizable report pages with your logo


Volume discounts available

Please note:

  • Access codes for the Student LPI Self Online are non-refundable. Unused access codes do not expire.
  • The license term for each Student LPI 360 Online token purchased is 12 months. Unused tokens expire at the end of the 12-month term. Tokens are non-refundable.

View this comparison chart as a PDF.

Product Comparison Chart

Use this chart to compare The Student Leadership Challenge and Student LPI to other products on the market.

The Student Leadership Challenge® (Student LPI®)

StrengthsQuest (StrengthsFinder®)


Meyer's-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®)

Designed for students

Supplemental resources are adapted for education, assessment is not



Measures leadership skills/behaviors





360° and Self
(print and online)

Self only
(online only)

Self only
(print and online)

Administrator tracking and data aggregation

Including Group and Reassessment reports


Designed for use in course, cocurricular programs, and workshops


Student seminars and various trainings for educators, including certification

Various trainings for educators

Certification required to administer program

Certification required to administer assessment

Supporting resources

Book, student workbook, facilitation guide, and activities book (all available in print and electronic formats)

Book and online facilitation materials

Materials only available to seminar participants and certified administrators

Various books

Training Comparison & Cost Chart

Use this chart to compare the costs and benefits of The Student Leadership Challenge training programs for educators.

Self-Paced Foundation Course

Educator Training Online

Certified Facilitator Training

6 video-based modules



Self-Administered Assessment of the Conten



Student LPI 360 Online Assessment with unlimited Observers

PDFs of Student LPI modules from the Facilitation and Activity Guide and the Student Workbook and Personal Leadership Journal

Evaluated Assessment of the Content


Pre-work conference call and introductory meeting


Group phone call focusing on the application of the model in an educational setting



The Student Leadership Challenge, Second Edition ($36.00 value)


The Facilitation and Activity Guide ($45.00 value)


6 online “live” courses


Online Leadership Educator’s Community & Networking


Virtual workspace to review content, ask questions,  and be a part of the learning community


Expert interactive instruction


Membership and extended support of a community of facilitators and practitioners


Certificate of Completion upon satisfactory completion



Experiential activities



Two-day in-person intensive workshop (including breakfast and lunch for two days). You will master delivery and facilitation of the content, receive feedback from experts, and experience educational activities related to the model.



Feedback on your unique leadership program design for implementation in your unique environment



Other standard program materials and takeaways



Status as a Certified Facilitator upon successful completion of the program



Upon successful completion of the program:

35% discount off of any Student Leadership Challenge print product and special pricing on Student LPI Online products (excludes training)*


Branded customizable Certificate of Completion for your students


Access to training slides and presentation materials


Recognized, by name and organization, as a Certified Facilitator on this website


Authorized use of The Leadership Challenge logo and The Student Leadership Challenge icons


Networking opportunities with other Certified Facilitators



$350.00 USD

$750.00 USD

$1,500.00 USD


Special offer: 5 individual access codes for $1,000 (a savings of $750 or $150 each) or 10 individual access codes for $1,500 (savings of $2000 or $200 each)*

Group Discounts and Customized Programs Available**

Group Discounts,
On-site Trainings, and Customized Programs Available**


 Self-Paced Foundation Course

 Educator Training Online

 Certified Facilitator Training

*Purchases must be made through your designated sales representative. Call 1-866-888-5159 or email
**Take advantage of group discounts, save on travel time and expenses by bringing our expert facilitators to your campus, or take your training one step further by customizing our programs to meet your specific needs. Call a leadership consultant at 1-866-888-5159, email, or contact us for more information about on-site or custom trainings.
Funding and Justification
We’re often asked what educators can do to convince their supervisors and other decision makers that they need to measure their students’ leadership behavior, so we’ve created a justification kit to help you get the buy-in and funding you need. These tools will help you justify the need for and importance of using the Student LPI to measure your students' leadership behavior. Go to the Student LPI funding and justification kit now.

We also have justification kits to help you articulate the value for you (and your colleagues) of participating in a Student Leadership Challenge training program.
Other Student Leadership Challenge Products
Contact your Jossey-Bass sales representative or a leadership consultant at 1-866-888-5159 or for your preferred discounts on other Student Leadership Challenge products.

Learn about our Pre- and Post-Assessment, Curricular, and Cocurricular Program Packages here.

What they are saying...

"Why wait to learn leadership in the workplace? Students can learn how to lead by using Kouzes and Posner's five proven leadership practices. [This] is the perfect guide for...[those] seeking to develop themselves for leadership."
– Howard T. Prince II
University of Texas, Austin

What they are saying...

"I've been teaching leadership classes for twenty years, and The Five Practices are, hands down, the best tool for helping students see both their inherent strengths as leaders as well as to further develop their skills."
– Britt Andreatta
University of California, Santa Barbara

What they are saying...

"[The Student Leadership Challenge] (book) is a gift to university educators who teach leadership courses or develop trainings. workshops, and retreats."
– Laura Osteen
Florida State University

What they are saying...

Corey Hill "The greatest part about being in the virtual community was being able to hear the instructors, talk about the material we were discussing, as well as having our own discussion as a class with our other classmates over chat. You got a lot of interaction with the material, a lot of takes and nuances on what other people were taking away from the material that I don’t think you would get in a traditional classroom setting."
– Corey Hill
Oklahoma State University

What they are saying...

"The Student Leadership Practices Inventory is the best tool I have used to help students assess their leadership effectiveness because it translates the concept of leadership into actions and relationships. By defining and measuring specific leadership behaviors, the Student LPI allows students to see how they are doing as leaders and to determine how they can improve."
– Cathy Early
National Interfraternity Conference

What they are saying...

"The student examples inspire the reader and show us that running into bumps along the way is not only normal, but that you can approach the challenges with confidence and practical solutions."
– Amanda Crowell Itliong
Stanford University

What they are saying...

"The authors set out to teach college student leaders to understand what it takes to be an effective leader, to inspire them to find their own unique skills and abilities, and to explore and discover where their leadership will make the most difference in the lives of others and in the success of their organization.  I believe they have succeeded."
– William L. Kibler
Mississippi State University
NASPA Journal, 2009, Vol. 46, no. 4

What they are saying...

"The experience of the Certified Leadership Training left me feeling more confident and equipped to provide better leadership training to my student leaders."
– Erica Lara
Nyack College, NY

What they are saying...

"The 5 practices are a must!  Demonstrating and understanding the [concept that] 'leadership is an art' that must be taught to our students was incorporated throughout the training."
– Jerry Alva
Texas A&M International University

What they are saying...

"This is a great opportunity for any person looking to develop a program that involves The Student Leadership Challenge."
– Miguel Trevino
Texas A&M International University

What they are saying...

"I am more equipped to develop a leadership program that will have a positive impact on the students at my institution."
– Andrew Moyer
Delaware Valley College, PA

What they are saying...

"Employers are looking for students who have content knowledge and practical experience working in teams and leading others. The Student Leadership Challenge is an excellent example of the behaviors needed to accomplish extraordinary tasks that can get you noticed by a potential employer."
– Kevin Bailey, vice president for student affairs
University of West Florida

What they are saying...

"Beth and Gary are so personable that I was totally comfortable asking anything. For a program with such vigor, these two facilitators do an amazing job of creating a safe, fun, and functional learning environment."
– Certified Facilitator Training participant

What they are saying...

"The Student Leadership Challenge is a gift to university educators who teach leadership courses or develop trainings, workshops, and retreats."
– Laura Osteen
Florida State University

What they are saying...

"Developing transformative learning environments for leadership education begins when we embrace the use of emerging technologies and social media to enhance student learning."
– Todd Foley, assistant director for the Student Involvement Center
Saint Louis University

What they are saying...

"Leadership is a journey of personal and organizational discovery… understanding that the best way to learn is to teach, we decided to take on the challenge of having our students teach others.
– Vince Bellafiore
Marmion Academy

What they are saying...

"We know that The Student Leadership Challenge is making a difference. Through continuous coaching and intervention, with the use of the Student LPI, we are helping to keep our young people engaged in the pursuit of exemplary leadership."
– Melvin Chia
Lifeskills Enrichment, Singapore

What they are saying...

"The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership are everywhere. And as important as it is to exhibit those qualities yourself as a leader, it is just as critical to see them in others, and to be driven and inspired by other people’s leadership.
– Nina Vasan and Jennifer Przybylo
authors of Do Good Well

What they are saying...

"Consider the college campus as a leadership laboratory—a place where students have multiple opportunities to practice their leadership skills and explore and develop their leadership identity.
– Marcy Levy Shankman
Cleveland Leadership Center

What they are saying...

"I am so passionate about leadership and making a difference and I truly, honestly, wholeheartedly believe in The Student Leadership Challenge model. It is complete, yet simple enough, for all to understand. SO very excited to share this model with others, both on-campus and in the community.
– Suzanne Von Behren, RN, BSN, University Wellness Services
Northwest Missouri State

What they are saying...

"I feel that a program like this could really work in helping to eventually change our culture within our schools, homes, and businesses. Although I am not a supervisor, I plan to implement the model fully in our office and look forward to sharing it with coworkers. I love The Student Leadership Challenge model and am so excited!
– Suzanne Von Behren, RN, BSN, University Wellness Services
Northwest Missouri State

What they are saying...

"The Student Leadership Challenge is one of the most robust teaching and learning opportunities we have as educators. The Five Practices are identifiable and learnable skills allowing an individual to improve by receiving feedback and observation and by setting goals.
– Jason R. Pierce, director of education
Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity

What they are saying...

"And so again [leadership development] becomes foundational, it becomes a foundational understanding of living your values, of challenging the process to make things better, enabling others to act. It’s not just delegating, it’s about giving people the passion and the power to it themselves.
– Matt Baker, Vice President of Student Affairs
Northwest Missouri State University

What they are saying...

"Within the academy, we are constantly seeking additional tools to assist us in teaching the valuable lesson of leadership development for students. The Student Leadership Challenge is an excellent resource to assist in the important goal of helping students to become better leaders and, ultimately, stellar citizens in the communities of the world.
– Victor K Wilson, vice president for student affairs
The University of Geogia

What they are saying...

"Student leadership challenges are quite similar to adult challenges, and yet they differ as wel­­l– in scale and in the power of peer perspective. Kouzes and Posner have constructed a wide and sturdy bridge across these worlds. My college students will find relevant lessons and great inspiration in the diverse and compelling stories that are retold. We’d have a lot less adult leadership problems if more teachers and students used this great book.
– Dan Mulhern, Distinguished Practitioner of Law and Business
University of California, Berkeley, and author Everyday Leadership: Getting Results in Business, Politics and Life

What they are saying...

"Kouzes and Posner provide a comprehensive, research-based, and values-driven resource that is packed with real-life examples. This book makes leadership highly accessible to college students and is sure to empower the next generation to tap into their potential as leaders and social change agents.
– Jennifer R. Keup, director
National Resource Center for The First-Year Experience and Students in Transition

What they are saying...

"The Five Practices has provided a framework for students to reflect on their leadership experience and restructure their philosophy and theories relating to leadership as they challenge themselves through these five practices.
– Amy Kuo, Somchanhmavong, associate director
Service-Learning, Public Service Center, Cornell University

What they are saying...

"As a Student Leadership Challenge Certified Facilitator I am excited about using these books to further aid me in developing curriculum and giving our students a tool to acknowledge and reflect on the concepts as they pertain to their own capacity to lead effectively."
– Deborah Mann, Student Leadership Challenge Certified Facilitator
BOLD Leadership Program, Cornell University

What they are saying...

"In our public service leadership programs and courses we will be able to easily use the many relevant and engaging activities and reflection exercises provided in this workbook. It will enable our students to better engage with and benefit from The Student Leadership Challenge, and will also help foster their personal leadership development journeys."
– Jon McConnell, associate director,
Haas Center for Public Service, Stanford University

What they are saying...

"Every young person dreams of doing something extraordinary. The Student Leadership Challenge provides everything this generation needs to turn a dream into reality."
– Brian C. Warren Jr., executive director
Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity

What they are saying...

"A book of genuinely effective activities for enagaging students at all levels, turning the novice facilitator into a pro. It includes easy-to-use concepts that readily apply to life as a leader, and is a real difference maker that fosters success!"
– Randy D. Grimes, human resources director
Duke University

What they are saying...

"A fantastic resource for leadership educators looking to further develop students’ understanding of The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership in a tangible, hands-on way! It offers engaging activities that are sure to make an impact on your student leaders. This activity book is a great supplement to The Student Leadership Challenge, bringing the original concepts off the page and into the real world.
– Kimberly Piatt, coordinator of leadership development
The College at Brockport.

What they are saying...

"An excellent one-stop resource for activities to engage student of different learning styles. Students will find the experiential nature of the activities easy to comprehend and most importantly be able to see the relevance and application of The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership."
– Melvin Chia, principal consultant
Lifeskills Enrichment

What they are saying...

"From what, to so what, and now what, this guide helps take educators on a journey of not only understanding The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership but also specifically on how to apply, practice, and teach the nuances of these exemplary leadership ways of being."
– Laura Osteen, professor of higher education, Florida State University
and director, Florida State’s Center for Leadership and Civic Education

What they are saying...

"The Facilitation and Activity Guide would have helped me not only to develop a better leadership program but to be a better leader myself. For those administering The Five Practices, this guide ‘Models the way’ and will be one of your best coaches."
– Sam Eriksmoen, former director, Emerging Leaders Program
University of North Dakota

What they are saying...

"Educators working at all levels will benefit from [The Facilitation and Activity Guide]. It is practical, applicable to diverse sectors, and works."
– Katie Burke, director, L.E.A.D. (Leadership Education & Development)
Florida Atlantic University

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